2018 Spring #ue4jam - May 10-15

Should probably change winter to spring.

"You will need the following information:

  • Team Name
  • Each Team Member’s Name and Email Address
  • Game Name
  • Name of your submission

Amanda excuse me, but i can’t find where and when we should give this information.
Can You help us with this?

It’ll be in the form when you submit your game on Itch.

Yep, Good idea that is a very nice.:slight_smile:
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I’m thinking of making a local multiplayer or couch co-op game. Will the testers have multiple people and xinput gamepads during the jam?

Yes, we have gamepads and friends :wink:

First time for me too so I’ll be in too.

My co-founder and I will be streaming it on Twitch, also our first Game Jam. Come check us out on my co-founder’s channel! We are going to try a split stream for the event =)

We will be building a multiplayer game and pushing our game dev skills to the max!

Anyone still looking for teams?

It’s almost time folks! Hope everyone showered and ate a healthy meal. I know I won’t be doing any such thing for the next 5 days :eek:

Where exactly is the livestream of the theme announcement going to be? On my itch.io page it still says 1 hour left because we are in CT (Central Standard Time).

Twitch or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_J9cOIFP9k

I can’t find the theme anywhere? What is the theme?

At the end of the stream, ~45 minutes. First up, is the Artistic Lighting topic!

I will be playing all the entry’s on my channel once the game jam is over here: Twitch
Check out it once you finish :smiley:

Theme: Transformation

GL all you Jammers :wink:

happy jamming and good luck !!

autobots assembla … oh nvm :slight_smile:

Nice theme! Good luck everyone! :smiley:

Has anyone gotten the hook-up from Megascans yet? I signed up a while ago, and haven’t heard anything from Quixel yet. It’d be cool to get that access in time for, you know, the jam :wink:

twitch.tv/gr8tech My Team (Gr8Tech) will be live here.