2018 Epic MegaJam Thread - November 8-15 - THEME: REALITY IS OFTEN INACCURATE

When they say the ‘default material’ they mean the “WorldGridMaterial” material on meshes with a currently unset material, like new BSP brushes or a new landscape. The dark placeholder material you see while the shaders are compiling. (Maybe Epic could tweak the FAQ, this is one of the most common prejam misunderstandings)

Yes, you can use character models from Mixamo. Just declare any premade assets when you submit.

Great, many thanks for the info!

Hey all! Does anyone know where you can find the lightsync emulator?

Hello everyone, this is going to be my first jam.
i have 2 question…

  1. Do we need to create/join a team through croudforge or can we make it some other way as well?
  2. could I get some more details on where to submit the game and how, like do o need to send any gameplay footage or just the game files packaged? Like it is supposed to have an executive file or the uproject file?
    Thanks in advance!

1: You are not forced to do team through croudforge, you can do in any way as you want :slight_smile:


  • You need to cook and package your build with executable of course.
  • You need to create an account on ** **(one account is enough if you work with team, doesnt need to register account for every member)
  • When you finished and packaged/cooked your game ->** compress to zip **-> create “new game page” on (dont worry, your games page will be not live immediatly, will be live only when you publish your game… that means you can create your game’s page right now and edit name and upload zip file later :wink: )
  • After you created your game’s page you are able to fill basic informations and upload your zip file
  • If everything is allright you can** publish your game **(this will make your game’s page live to everyone) and THEN you can submit your game to Epic’s Megajam if you open megajam’s page ( you will see a **submit button **as i remember… then you can select your LIVE game and just press submit button
    Then you **need fill **the “second” form which is mostly visible for Epic only.

I think i did not forgot anything, have fun! :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m confused about this:

… and giving participants the **weekend **to create and submit an awesome game built in the engine. The jam ends on Thursday, November 15th at 2PM EST.

Does this mean we must submit the released game on sunday? And after weekend what will happen until next thursday?


No worries, you have until the 15th to finish your project; I don’t know why they have it worded like that, but it is.

Good luck all!

I assume… the Lightsync is a Logitech-only thing and has nothing to do with Intel?

The only “emulator” I can see inside Logitech Gaming Software shows a keyboard that shows when light changes are triggered, I assume that is it? So if I change the light in an RGB mouse / keyboard that’s the same trigger as it would be for the lightsync speaker stuff?

Thanks man…and could anyone say where the livestream will take place?

**We are very excited to announce gameDNA is a sponsor of 2018 Epic MegaJam! **:smiley:

All finalists will receive the Realtime Database and Extended Facebook plugins. We chose them because they are for all platforms and are not genre specific so will be very useful for every type of game.

Winners of special categories will also receive the Realtime Database plugin.

Good luck for everyone! :wink:

Thanks man…and could anyone say where the livestream will take place?

hey I missed the theme live stream is there any way I can know the details

You can rewatch the stream here, the theme is Reality is Often Inaccurate, and all the details are on the page. :slight_smile:

What do you understand with “Reality is often inaccurate” ?
I don´t have a single idea…

Do you mean unreal stuff?

I think they deliberately leave it open to interpretation so people aren’t too restricted with genre and style. Personally I’m doing a cyberpunk horror centered around the concept of augmented reality, but there’s a lot of other ways you could interpret it.

You could have anything dealing with themes of travel between dimensions, piecing together a mystery, interpreting dreams, psychedelic hallucinations, unraveling illusions, correcting mistakes, alternative perspectives, warping reality, time travel… that’s some ideas off the top of my head.

Also it’s very close to a Douglas Adams quote, “The guide is definitive. Reality is frequently inaccurate.” So you could also focus on Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy for inspiration. Maybe watch Dr Strange or play psychonauts if you’re looking for inspiration about warping reality.

[Question] I’ve heard of contests in the past (not hosted by Epic Games, and not sure even if this is accurate in general) where submissions supposedly become the Intellectual Property of the company hosting the event. For this event, can you please elaborate on terms and conditions for submission as they pertain to IP rights? Thanks!

Can someone verify that the Quixel Megascan freelance subscription is working? I made an account, filled out the form in the link provided on the itchio page, but nothing happens. Im not getting any email confirmation or anything.

Is anybody here that signed up the form of quixel megascans but couldn’t get the subscription?
because I already did but couldn’t get the subscription :<

There’s a link to the rules page on the page.…ux5ntzidpvqjw8

This seems like it’d be the relevant section in regards to your question (I can’t speak for Epic, just helping you look up the answer).
“As a condition of entry, Contestants hereby provide a non-exclusive, irrevocable, perpetual, worldwide license to Sponsor to use the Submission in any and all media throughout the world for the purpose of promoting the Contest and future versions of the Contest and Sponsor’s Unreal Engine marketing, but for no other purpose, without any additional compensation, the term of which shall be the entire life of the copyright.”

Sorry, I’ve already got my own Quixel account, so I can’t test it.

That’s what I was looking for, thanks MKenner!