2018 Epic MegaJam Thread - November 8-15 - THEME: REALITY IS OFTEN INACCURATE

The 2018 Epic MegaJam, our biggest #ue4jam of the year, is coming right up! This is a fantastic opportunity for you to have some fun while honing your Unreal Engine development chops - and you could win some fantastic prizes from our sponsors.

The Epic MegaJam will kick off on November 8th at 2PM EST, on our weekly Unreal Engine livestream, during which we’ll cover the rules, prize details and ultimately conclude with the ever-anticipated theme announcement. Participants will have seven days to create their games before submissions are due on November 15th.

Detailed information about submissions, sponsors, and prizes can be found on the Epic MegaJam page, which will be the official information center for the jam. More sponsors and prizes will be shared in the weeks leading up to the main event!

Use this thread for forming teams, general jam discussion, show and tell, and questions!

Very nice. Might have to join this one. It’s been awhile since I’ve done a jam.

Does each member of the team need to Join the Jam on ?

Nope - you only need one of you to submit! Just be sure to list all of your team in the submission form.

I’m excited! This will be the first Jam I join.
Do any veterans have any advice for a greenhorn? One week seems like a tight time limit.

Take the path of the most enjoyable resistance. That way if the end result is not great at least you had a great time.:slight_smile:

Reporting in once again! Look forward to it.

Agreed, just join/create a team and go in as a learning experience. I learnt a lot from my last two, for example make sure if you do a practice run that you leave a gap between the practice and actual jam, it killed me for a while (winter jam).


This will be the first Jam I join, is there any problem on using Substance Painter shaders?

Thanks in advance!

Soundly promo code for the jam is expired? Sent a tweet to them to see what the go is.

Will follow up with Soundly.

Yep, feel free to use trials. :slight_smile:

Hey, so how do we actually get that free perforce server? Who do we need to contact?

Bom dia epic , muito obrg pelo seu servidor por causa dele eu não consegui as 35 categoria

Send us an email at community@unrealengine.com!

You don’t have to sign-up ahead of time or anything, but you can create an account and on the main jam page, click “Join Jam.”

Hey is there any word on when the Houdini trial licenses will be distributed for the jam

Sorry dumb question is there a problem if I use blender&gimp etc? I’m not familar to houdini or 3dsMax.

It’s my first time participating in a GameJam! Looking forward to it. Gonna be fun

You can use any software you’re comfortable with! The primary thing to keep in mind is, if you use assets that other people created, even if you modify them using Blender or Gimp or otherwise, you’ll need to disclose your use of those assets when you submit your game. That’s not to say you shouldn’t use them — pre-made assets are used very commonly by game jam participants — but you just need to be up-front about which assets existed before the jam started. This helps ensure judging remains fair. A more thorough explanation of this and other rules can be found on the page for the jam.

Can I use assets from the unreal Marketplace or other asset markets?

Yes you can. You’ll just need to mention it when you submit.

I’m a first timer as well. Two questions left for me:

First: “All art assets in the game must have a material other than the default applied to it.” I will have to use premade assets from the marketplace like Infinity Blade stuff. Do I have to change the material on those?! If so, is it okay to just recolor the textures?

Second: Is it allowed to use character models from Mixamo? If so, go to question one.