2017 Marketplace Improvements

Hi Guys,

We have been receiving tons of amazing feedback and would like to take this opportunity to let you know what is going on with the marketplace and the direction we are currently taking. We have a number of quality of life updates currently in the pipeline, specifically improvements to the flow of purchasing content with a shopping cart, improving the search and better discoverability in the Marketplace as a whole. Right now we’re looking to roll these out over the next several months. We’ll also be working on improvements to the seller portal during this time and over the course of the year.

As always we want to hear your feedback. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to post them or send a message to Adam or Stephanie.


The Marketplace Team

This is fantastic news, any info on when we might see the first batch of updates, and specifically what they offer?

+1 for this!

Great to hear what we have in store for the year. Looking forward to it! =)

For big features, we’ll let you guys know when these dates are getting closer, similar to how we announced the UI change for the sale categories. If the changes are smaller or more in the background of things, we’ll make sure we post some release notes of some kind afterwards so you guys are aware a change took place.

Nice to hear things are progressing :slight_smile:

I look forward to us all complaining about change :stuck_out_tongue: j/k

Thanks Marketplace team!

@dimwalker This would probably be the best thread to include feedback in a centralized location. In regards to your points though, tags are something that has been long requested and I’d imagine it would be a part of the new asset discovery improvements Adam was speaking of in the initial post. =)

Happy to hear that! Thank you!

hey guys, thanks for this update!

maybe something similar to Envato marketplace categories and date filters, sales figures. This can be really useful:


meanwhile some unknown competitors:


It would be great to have changelogs. I have plugins and content updating regularly and I never know what has changed.

Also a proper review system instead of just rating - to help people understand what they’re actually buying.

[MENTION=49]Adam Davis[/MENTION]

I thinking here about the Average Rating of all packs in the MP…My concern is that not all people who buy packs go back to MP to rate it. I say this because I see a large number of packs sold in my seller profile, but very few ratings. Is there no way to make the MP to self-rating the item sold after 3 or 4 weeks, without any rate, based on average rating of the pack?

I think this feature would be very useful for the developers and for the MP. You guys agree with this ?

Submissions have to be reviewed quicker; I know it’s a lot of work, but it’s the most important fact I see that must be improved…
Overall, It’s a great environment already and buyers are very reasonable, nobody has threaten to kill me and my family yet.

Oh, wishlists, we need them!

I can guess that review speed depends on content complexity. For example, it took almost 2 months to release my Quest System (without any mistakes from my side). And it took only 2 days to be accepted for my upcoming Axes Pack (3d models).

Any plans to improve search function? Currently one has to type exact name of the asset for search to yield any results.

i look forward to get a better marketplace in which to sell my music! :slight_smile:
some suggestions for the audio content: you MUST divide the assets into thematic groups, such by mood, genre, style, etc (rock, electronic, ambient, fantasy, sci-fi, etc…)
the same for SFX!
get inspiration from other marketplaces, but as-is the audio category of the marketplace is a real mess and i just cannot image how one can find what he needs

moreover, you should access the audio preview (soundcloud/youtube) directly from the asset page, without going to external websites.

also, introduce a tag system in the page, so one can give a better description of the work…

Hopefully you guys can add a “favourites” button to the marketplace some time in the near future.

I know this is a feature many people have wanted for a long time.

Could we get an affiliate link/marketing feature. A lot of other 3d content sites have affiliate links you can use on various sites like Facebook, Twitter, your own website etc. Most of them also reward you a commission if you drive traffic. Usually 10-20%of the sale price.

Even if Epic doesn’t want to reward traffic that converts to sales, it really helps to know where the traffic is coming from if you’re marketing your own work on the marketplace.

I need coupon/gift code functionality.