2016 VFX Showcase - Yoeri -Luos- vleer

I had a blast creating particles last year, and while I set out to create 356 particles… Swamped with work, a concussion, and some other stuff got in the way.
Nonetheless, meeting and talking to the lot of you, getting the know the Interceptor team, being able to help others and recieve help, and the UE4 community in general made this an awesome year.

I learned so much, Cascade, the Material Editor, UE4 all feel even more familiar than it did a year ago.
The biggest thing I can take with me though is a better understanding of timing, well… keep in mind that this is not always apparent with the effects created last year, but especially the stuff I created near the end of 2017 feel so much better timing and animation wise.

Special thanks to Shadowriver for helping me set up some blueprints for some of the effects and advice, and Jan Kaluza ( http://broad-strokes.com/ ) for general advice, and the logic behind all them rockets targeting the poor little cube. Also a big hug to Bruno for the intro :slight_smile:

Additional thanks the vfx community https://realtimevfx.com/ for their inspirational posts/threads! You all rule!

Smore thanks to them Unreal Engine Dev’s for the awesome engine, cascade, and advice/problem solving/tips & tricks, and support! You are all awesome! Good luck on Niagara!!

Even more thanks to the UE4 community for putting up with my banter, constant spams of vfx-gifs, weird tutorials, and dutch weirdness. Thank you for the support, opinions, help, advice, and friendliness! (Join our discord channel!!)

And last but not least: A lot of hugs and thanks to my close friends, family, and my girlfriend for putting up with me staring at a monitor almost all day every day :slight_smile:


Music comes from the awesome “Yuri on Ice” Anime.
The first song was History Maker by Dean Fujioka
The second song was You Only Live Once by Watara Hatano.

small gif:

Wow … just wow.

Great showcase Luos! Love your packs and free tutorials. Keep it up in 2017!

Thanks peeps!

Here is the Rad Rodgers showcase:

I love it! Keep it up in the rest of 2017 :slight_smile: