2016 Anaglyph 3D support in Unreal Engine? (TriOviz?)

What techniques are recommended for creating application with both: VR (Oculus/Vive) and Anaglyph 3D support?

While VR support is well supported - UE documentation doesn’t even mention “Anaglyph”.

Supposedly there’s a Inficolor 3D/TriOviz support since Unreal Engine 3 / year 2010, but I can’t see it anywhere (that’s aside from the fact that it’s the first time I heard about that thing, found it on wikipedia Anaglyph article). Is anyone using it? Is it even supported in UE4?

I found this tutorial on Anaglyphs from early 2014, but I’m curious how relevant it is, given the latest version of the UE? It requires rather unconventional camera setup, so I presume it will be rather troublesome solution in terms of maintenance across different levels. If this is the method you recommend to use - is there any wrapper I could use to simplify operations?

If anyone built any application with Anaglyph support - any hints you could share? Recommendations? What to avoid? Perhaps a basic project setup sample?

It’s probably not that difficult to set up if you wanted to do it on your own–you only need to render two cameras and then adjust the colors and add them, can probably do it as a postprocess