20+ Gun Impact Particles Pack [SUBMITTED]

Hey everyone,

I have submitted my next Particle FX pack, VOTE HERE

You get 20+ Gun impact particles tailored to the hit surface type. All included particles are X-axis aligned… meaning its plug and play with HitTraces. In addition, all effects have Vector Parameters exposed for reflection vectors. Dynamically, they are influenced with the angle of the impact not just the surface normal. Example setup included in the demo level.

Use these effects as it or treat it as a toolkit to scale, combine, or create new ones. A great pack to add to your FX library.


High resolution Flek sheet included


My goal is to help other devs who want quick good looking particles without all the headache! Thanks and enjoy!


Here is a video of the effects where I sound really cheesy

I plan to have more packs soon as I make them for my team project Abatron)

Thanks and have fun with your Gamedev!

so excited about these !

Thanks alot, I had blast doing them :slight_smile:

These are fantastic, good job!

Sitrec, thanks!

Extremely usefull!!!

I think this is very useful, good job!
Also I think it would be even better if a “blood” impact is included.

Thanks, I’m glad to hear.

Thanks, Consider it done. The pack will have an impact blood in it. =)

Good to hear that!
You have one more purchase then :slight_smile:

Great, also added at headshot with bloody chunks :wink:

Hi Devero! Good job…I think I’ll buy your pack :smiley:
Can I know the price if you know it?

Thanks Diat! $20 is my plan :wink:

Hi Devero! Thanks for the info and the honest price :slight_smile: I’ll buy it :wink:

Hello everyone, the Gun Particle Pack can now be purchased on the Marketplace.

There is one step that needs to be done after downloading the pack to open the demo map correctly. The physics surface configuration doesn’t get setup when added to a project.

  1. Download the “PhysicsSetup.ini” HERE to your project config directory
  2. Open your editor and go to “Project Settings”


  1. Go to the “Physics” option under the Engine category
  2. In the upper right hand corner, you have the option to “Import…” a file. Click on it and load the “PhysicsSetup.ini” that you downloaded.


  1. The change doesn’t take effect until you close down the editor and restart it
  2. After restart, load the demo map and it should work =)

Let me know if anyone has issues.

Thanks and Enjoy your Gamedev!

Hey there Devero, since doing what you said the print screen shows the surface area, but the particles do not appear. im going to keep playing with it and get back to you. Love the asset pack- and getting the demo working does not stop the particles them selves so i am very happy! Also P_Rainbow is a nice touch. Looking forward to more of your work!

edit: Just tested on a new project and it worked fine. Must be a user specific problem. Everything is flawless, and i can highly recommend this asset!

Thanks Staggerlee!

I would try a fresh copy added to the project, do the physics load before opening the demo map. After editor restart, then open the demo map for the first time.

Thats what I had to do for 4.5 engine.

Let me know what version of the engine you are using, Thanks.

I will be providing an update to the water impact particle to the marketplace soon. It was brought to my attention that the water particles were not doing all of the effects in clients projects.

The problem is that the missing effect emitters are there but just below the surface of the geometry plane. I’m not sure why its drawing below as its set to no z-axis offset. The reason i didn’t catch this on the demo is that display stand collision mesh is slightly above the surface of the water. There was enough gap between the collision and the material plane to render it correctly.

Have fun with your Gamedev! =)

New Comment and Rating system is up for this pack =)

20+ Gun Impact Particles

I’ve wanted this since it came out, but it was a lower priority until now. I just got it today. I converted your level blueprint into a blueprint function library to make it 10x easier to add to my own project. I also cleaned up the wires with local variable. The BP looks 10x better even though its functionally identical to what you had. The gun impact function takes the hit result and point of origin as arguments. I can already tell this is going to be awesome. Right now my gun impact is the default explosion. This was fun…at first but now I get to put the real thing in there.

Oh and I rated it for you.