20 essential parameters of VR killer app in 2017

Hello friends! On the basis of long-term thinking and a year of testing the feasibility of UE4 we present you a VR app manifesto, which may become VR killer app so long-awaited since the uprising of the latest generation headsets.

At the writing of this list we have been inspired by people like Tim Sweeney and Mike Alger. For this purpose it was necessary to collect together all the records accumulated over 6 years and translate them into plain language. We invite you to discuss it in our warm underground atmosphere. Enjoy!

Best Wishes, VRLD team.


Looking at your “Manifesto” reminds of the novel Snow Crash where the VR world is already in place and the book describes life, rules, and processes surrounding it. I hope you succeed. I’ve been engaged for 21 years in a large enterprise Datacenter, topped as the #2 website sales wise in the world. I mention this as the level of complexity of your project is not understated by you which is good.

I can easily see an important “gorilla in the room” being your roadmap with milestones, thinking “Civilization” game dependancies. Some parallel while others will be in serial.

Good luck.

I don’t think the title of the tread and article fit the content very well.

A killer app is something good enough to drive hardware sales by itself. What is described is far beyond that, a vision of a future VR-internet and beyond. VR do not have time to wait for that, it needs a realistic killer app in 2017.

Beyound the title I think it fails as a manifesto because it lacks focus. It contains almost everything anyone could wish for, which means it ends up saying little of importance.

That said, I wish you all luck with the VRLD project. Just realize that even at a basic level, it is a huge undertaking.

Yeah. I started this project with understanding that is probably for the rest of my life. So step by step, module by module. Someone must get down to this)

To tell the truth, I agree title doesn’t have a connection with thought placed in our project. But it helps us to get a little attention during the worst marketing time of the year. It will be just a list of essential parameters at our Kickstarter page after all)

I would have to disagree with your P2P networking idea. While the theory is sound, in reality this leads to massive lag spikes for everyone connected to the player’s “server”. Maybe, perhaps, one day once we start using quantum entanglement for data communications we’ll get to the point where P2P networking is feasible for game environments, but that is at least 20-50 years out.


You should load environment as faster as possible and we have to keep all core files the same on every user PC.
I think the best way to achieve highest download speed is p2p because you have a multiple nodes with low network latency. More likely someone already been recently at place you are heading and have all unique models from there.
As for the second idea I use P2P like layer for IPFS.