2 questions about LIGHTMASS

Hello all,
I have two question on the LIGHTMASS :

Is it possible to know where I have overlaping UV on my scene without waiting the end of the lightmass calculation? Is it possible to do this :
1- Copy my Unreal project from PC1 to PC2 to calculate the lightmass on PC2. 2- Work in parallel on my blueprints and colliders on PC1. 3- Once the calculation is finished on PC2, migrate the lightmass on the project that I am working on my PC1 Thank you in advance for your help!

you can work on a second copy of the project and then migrate blueprints back into the main one that you are building lightmass on.
to see where your uvs are overlapping enable error coloring in the build drop down and rebuild lighting on preview, errors will be colored.

Thank you for your answer!

I want to avoid building light (it’s take 10 hours because the scene is huge).

Ok for the blueprints!

If you’ve got your models in your 3D program it should be able to tell you if your UV’s are overlapping

Am working on 3ds max

Most 3d applications have an option in the UV editor to highlight overlaps.

Found this with a quick Google search: