2 questions, about kill z vol. and water

1- Hi, guys i want to set , if enemy team comes on restricted area, player gets warning and dies in 3 secs. (Only for enemy team, our team can step on)

2- How i can set water reflections if player steps on water gets animated you know.

  1. depends on the area.
    If every character in each team already has the way for you to check who is who you can simply check just that “onbeginoverlap” using a large area encompassing the spawn. And accordingly apply instadeath/teleport whatever you see fit.

  2. reflections are one thing, Reacrive Water is a whole different one.
    For reflections as you asked you simply add sphere reflections or box reflections (or planar reflections) around the map’s water area and make sure you add the proper peculiarity level for PBR water to your water shader.

For reactive water, you have to setup quite a few things.

  1. an emissive material that generates the reaction.
  2. a render texture to use this brush on
  3. the normal version of this render texture
  4. usually another 2 or 3 render textures that you cycle though over time to generate the movement
  5. the reactive water blueprint that makes the brush work and effectively animates the water.
    Check on the render target tutorials on the wiki, they are a semi decent starting point.