2 Problems I don't know the fix of!

Dear community,

I am creating a game for a school project and i have 2 issues i can’t seem to fix:

  • Light from the sun is leaking through the wall of my building.
  • Some of my pointlights have a red X on them.

See this screenshot:

Kind Regards and thanks in advance!

  • Red X is caused by too many overlapping stationary lights. You can’t have more than 4 intersecting.
  • Light leaking may be because of very thin walls if you are using a movable directional light. If it is static then try to increase the lightmap resolution of the floor.

For more detailed info on lighting:

Both of these issues are listed in our wiki troubleshooting guide here:

As far as the red x is concerned, you can tick off the “dynamic shadow” box (i believe) which should rectify the issue. It’s best to do so where you wouldn’t otherwise notice a difference.