2 players with a PlayerController, but BeginPlay is executed 3 times?


I start in Preview 2 players without Dedicated Server. The PlayerController has a BeginPlay. BeginPLay is executed 3 times. When I start 3 players, BeginPlay runs 5 times. If I start as 1 player, then it is only run once. Is this a bug?

In order to determine if this is a bug or not, I’ll need more information regarding your setup. Could you please provide screenshots of your Player Controller and your Character blueprints?

Can you reproduce the issue in a clean project? If so, please provide a detailed list of repro steps.


No, it is by design. Client has an access only to it’s own controller, server-player executes its own player controller and COPY of the other players controller.

Think about it: when you launch game for 2 players you have in fact 4 of them, every player has to spawn copies of other players in their own world (window). And please do not mistake player with it’s controller.

Imagine that you would like to enlarge every other players nicknames (such thing actually could be in controller, as controller may possess different actors) hovering above their heads. Your local change would only affect your local copies of other players.

Check - for learning purpose - what happens for player blueprint and blueprints of objects placed on the level (not spawned in run time but check it as well).

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