2 Nodes From Me For You in 4.4

Dear Community,

Here is a pic of two nodes that are from me, for you, in 4.4!

It’s for all of you that I send Epic my github pull requests, after all, so that you have even more tools to work with!

**Convert 3D World Location to 2D Screen Space**

Convert 3D World Location to Screen Space / HUD (Project 3D point to 2D )

This node has a bool return value to let you know if the 3D point was able to be projected to the screen or not!

It could return false in any context where the player controller or the scenefamily could not be successfully obtained. In otherwords, very rarely :) 

But its worth checking this bool if you are ever getting really odd results and think the node is not working :)

The main return value is a Vector2D (fancy way of saying 2D point with x and y member vars)


Coplanarity Test

Actually I think this node has been in the engine since 4.3 but I forgot tell you about it.

You can use this node of mine to test if an arbitrary number of points are coplanar!

So basically this mean testing whether any 4 points or more make up a relatively flat surface.

I needed this for the remake of 3ds max I was making in UE4 (I called it UE4 Max, hee hee)

Please note that any 3 points or less are automatically coplanar, ie, you need at least 4 points for this test to be truly valid.

Variance Control

You can control how sensitive my Coplanarity test is!

Use this input to decide how strict the test should be, to get the results you are looking for.



**A Third Node

Get Actors In Selection Rectangle**

Actually this was also in 4.3, and I did not even realize it made it in that early!

I designed this Selection Rectangle / Marquee system to have a class filter, so you can easily get only the actors you want inside the selection rectangle that you draw in your HUD class!

This was a team effort between me and James Golding, and was among the first uses of the FBox2D class!




Thank you Rama :smiley: the screen space conversion is something that I’m going to end up using myself for drawing overlays

Score! I could do with something like this… much love Rama!

I don’t suppose you fancy taking a look at writing custom Material Nodes at some point do you? Something a bit different to Blueprint Nodes :wink:

Absolutely amazing Rama! You are very beneficial to the community :smiley:

Thanks Rama! Are you planning to add a pull request for the other (44 I think it is) nodes you have created with your plugin? Only reason I mention this is due to the content project plugin issue (which is easy to get around), and also because all of them are so great, and should come with the engine by default! :smiley:

Thanks again for all of your contributions!

What separates your Convert 3D World location node from the conventional Project function available before 4.4…?

EDIT: nvm, I see, it works in non-HUD blueprints

Hey Rama, thank you for sharing such nodes ! I was wondering however how the 3D space to screenspace would work with Oculus Rift.