2 Light issues

Hi there,

I have two strange issues with my lights.
Maybe I do a mistake but I can´t see it.
My first problem is the point light, when I put it on the map, the light sphere looks like I used a spot light.
Like you can see it on the image (?1) the point light shines to the left side instead of all sides.

The second problem ist the skylight I use.
At the beginning all workes fine but after I deleted some light and put some new on the map, the skylight didn´t work any more, the whole map is black as you can see, the intensity is at max 20 … so whats going on there ?

I try to add lightmass and some other things but nothing worked, the map stays black.
Can someone give me a hint what may be broken ?

best regards Harlyk

  1. Your floor material also seems lit strangely in the content browser, which seems to indicate an issue with the normals in the material instead of an issue with the light. Try looking at those first.
  2. Your skylight is set to “Captured Scene” mode. In this mode it will take the color of your environment to light the scene. This does require you to actually have something in the environment such as a skybox or atmosphere to get any light. Try adding one of those or switching to cubemap mode to fix this.

hey there
thx a lot, the floor material is ok, its a tiled material with base color and a normalmap, so nothing special what can cause strange effects.
But I will try standard materials for testing.

The hint with th captured scene listen good I will try it asap, thx a lot for answering, will keep you informed about the results :slight_smile:

thx a lot

Sry but this captured cubemap didn´t work and all other things I tried didn´t work either.
At the end I deleted the map now and started again with a standard map.

I will try this light setting again when all other things done.

The point light problem has gone too, I really don´t know what the problem was but thx a lot for trying to help me out.