2 Directional lights affecting different streamed levels.


I am making a game with portals, and the ability to travel to different worlds/levels.
I want different lighting conditions in each level.
Portals are rendertargets connected to a scenecapture2D, showing a different level.
I need both directional lights active at the same time. each affecting a different streamed level, otherwise the portals have a clear transition and not seamless.

Is this possible?


Found out you could use light channels. if you have the same problem I did look here: Lighting Channels | Unreal Engine Documentation

Interesting, however, I’m just curious.

I think what you are saying is that your level loads on top of the persistent one which has the light enabled in a certain way and therefore the light seems the same through the portal.

If that’s not the case, then what issue are you getting exactly when you attempt to just screecapture2D the second scene for the portal POV in the new loaded level?

Assuming you have 2 enclosed levels, each with different “time”, you should just have the 2 different directional lights show up naturally - at least, the last time I played with portals that was the way it was working for me.
Granted, I was playing with it and not testing performance on it at all, so I’m not sure if maybe the FPS drop is too steep…