2 cameras in the same viewport

How do I split the viewport into multiple areas?

I need 2 areas to be different camera views and one area a widget.

Any suggestions about where to even look would be very welcome, blueprints or C++…

Hi octafbr,

To split the viewport into multiple veiws, select the button shown in the image below:

Once expanded you can select which camera to use for each viewport (even the same camera in multiple windows ) here:


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Oh I should have specified, I meant the game viewport not the editor one, sorry.

Hello octafbr,

After looking over your question, a couple of quick suggestions come to mind. You could use the “Create Player” node to make your game split screen or you could use a Scene capture component in combination with a material to render what the Scene capture component in looking at. I have provided documentation below for the scene capture component. I hope that this information helps.

Scene Capture 2D Docs:

Make it a great day

Ha, this is almost exactly what I ended up doing, thank you!

I put the textures with the captured data in widgets and it all works well with the rest of the GUI.

are you solve that issues ???