2 bone IK - Can I constrain bones?

I’m using 2 bone IK to have a character move, but the bones some times gets into unwanted rotations, can I constrain them? If I were to add bone constraints in blender, would that information be passed to the fbx and be utilized by UE? Or in any other way?

No, exported fbx constraints are not imported into the engine.

To what you want to constrain the bones to in the engine?

i think you can do it from the physics asset in phat. show bodies, then resize bodies and add constraints in there… not sure if they can be imported tho. just double click the physics asset to open the phat editor.

something like this

Is Phat considered in animations, though? The first thing I did when trying to constrain the bone ik animation, was to go into Phat and lock the constraints I added to the bodies, but they didn’t make a difference. Maybe I am missing something?

I want to constrain the middle bone (the bone before the leaf bone) so that it can only be able to rotate around its, I guess local Y axis.

And on a side note, I wish to detect when a bone, in this case the first bone in the chain, exceeds a certain rotation limit. But I guess that is done with the “get bone rotation” inside the actor blueprint.

Edit; After playing with it some more I realize that if I put the join target location to equal the effector location, but having a higher Z value, it will behave as I want.
And then by observing the first bones rotation in the IK inside the actor blueprint, I can determine when to adjust the alpha.
But still, if anyone know of a way to actually constrain a bone I’d love to hear it.