1st post. no shadows or reflections in my project.

I cannot seem to be able to get shadows or reflections to work correctly in my project. If I create a test level in one of the free downloaded learning projects I get all the good looking shadows, aa, reflections etc. but in my project I get the “My project image”
I’ve tried:

  • Importing project setting from another project.
  • Messing around w all the lighting and shadow setting.
  • Drinking a big glass of wine.

My feeling is this is a simple setting I’ve engaged. I would very much appreciate any suggestions.

SOLVED! Sort of. Copied and replaced all “…\Saved\Config\Windows” and “…\Config” files from another project and replaced them in my project and it fixed it but I have no idea what the actual problem was or if it was a bug or whatever.
Hope this helps.