1st Post 1st Question : Why the shadow edges appear to have hard lines on it? (with screenshots)

Hi everyone,

Straight to the problem, as seen on screenshots, the hard lines on shadow edges seem pretty harsh, any settings to fix this? Re building the projects does not work

Thank you!!

I think you’ve got a mesh there ( ie, not landscape ), and static lighting with high resolution on the mesh? I think you will always get rigid shadows if that’s the case.

The general recommendation for outdoor scenes is dynamic lighting ( moveable directional, possibly also skylight ). The shadows are much softer then…

Though the shadow seems to follow the outline of the hill.
if thats the case, maybe increasing the resolution of lightmap would help…
Its hard to know exacatly without more information about what we are looking at…

That might be it, this is the first time i made the landscape using the World Machine free edition, then imported it to UE4…how do we manage to increase the lightmap resolution?