16bit PNG, SRGB unticked, still washed out.

16 bit .png isnt supported, convert to 8 bit.
I walked into this a long time ago. ( a search on google would prolly have also given you an answer :slight_smile: )

.SRGB doesnt impact performance, its just an HDR thing. (sorta)

Hey guys,

I read a lot about albedo PNG in 16bits being washed out and the solution to untick SRGB, the problem is, even though it is unticked, the albedo in the material is still washed out. Yes, I saved it, deleted it, repluged it. Nothing works.

So, yeah, sRGB is basicaly untick EVERYWHERE… but my material is washed out. Note that I ticked landscape material.

Also, another question, Im hoping to get this project on GEARVR, I was wondering does Srgb ticked increase or decrease performance?

Thanks for the help!

So, I have to take all my albedo and turn them into 8 bits, then re-import them, then relink them into the material? Thats inconvenient. Why let us import 16 bits png if they are not supported… its a trap! :stuck_out_tongue:

Also the thing that bother me the most is some 16bits png albedo are perfectly fine when I turn off SRGB, but other just stay the same.

Thats just the way it is sadly, then again… it does save you a LOT of memory not using 16bit… so hey!

If the answer was to your liking… or at least solves to issue, be sure to accept it as answered :slight_smile:

What other format should I use then if I want to keep the quality of the picture high while retaining a low weight?

thank you so much for this +1

FYI i had to follow your advice on a different thread:

From the substance buddy: “Try to put a transform 2D node before your output node in Substance Designer and force the bit depth to 8bits (absolute), see if it improve things”