14.7.1 Running extremely slow after an hour or so of use


Not sure if this is in the right place? If so apologies.

I am running a high end laptop, i7 7700hq, 16gb ram, 1070gtx on Windows 10 home

After an hour or so of usage, the editor becomes unusable, as if it is unstable or something? The framerate drops down to 1 or 2 fps, editor feedback is extremely slow, graphics on the editor, such as text etc stretched while loading.

Basically the whole user is experience is the opposite - entirely unusable.

This has only started since I installed the hotfix. At first I thought it was my computer running other software at the same time (such as OBS while i stream development) but the same symptoms occur even with all of this off.

I am running the power settings on the laptop at maximum performance and through the 1070, so no problems there. also, the slowdowns do not occur on games and other processor/graphics intensive software. even unreal games dont show this problem - This leads me to believe something is happening with the engine.

Any ideas?


Ben Swinbanks

It could be problem caused by corrupted cache.

Did you try removing cache at both locations?

  • in your project’s folder
  • C:\Users[username]\AppData\Local\UnrealEngine

Hey mate,

I have deleted the cache in AppData - where in the project folder is it located? google didn’t give me any useful results?



Just in the folder with your .uproject file.
/Saved (contains /Config, maybe you want keep this)

Theres also the issue of windows, and im not a good windows user so much. I prefer using Linux for the editor, but when I do use windows, and its connected to the internet sometimes my svchosts start ticking up ram usage. I have almost identical specs on a high end laptop, and 1 it has to be plugged in to function excellent power supply while running the editor with a decent sized project… and someone once told me to update windows, and then turn on metered connection so it stops scanning updates. Then I un installed launcher, and re installed. Since then it’s been ok, just sometimes it dings, and I don’t know why.