12H challenge - MINECRAFT

Hey guys, I want to introduce series of streams I start today. (12CET, 5EST)


I will start my first game developement stream where I will be prototyping Minecraft game. It’s 12h challange where I will take care about everything. Here is detailed schedule:
1h - generating endless world
2h - c++ project set
3h - voxels generation (from 3ds)
4h - creating terrain using simplex noise
5h - generate different voxel types (materials)
6h - BSP - making weapons
7h - prototypying character
8h - adding / removing voxels
9h - spawning trees (voxels), custom elements (instances)
10h - graphic look - post process effects
11h - gui / menu/ inventory
12h - particles, effects, sounds
more - crafting system?

My visual goal is something what John made.

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Quite a challenge to do in just 12h, I’ll definately check back to see if it actually works!

I will be doing this on Tuesday/Wednesday 19CET

deleted the vods. i wanted to see that right from the beginning : /