12 texture limit terrain material?

Hey, so i was making an open world for my game and i noticed that you can only use a limit of 12 textures in a material so my terrain cannot have more, and then i have a normal map for each texture so that gives me 6 different textures.

I wanna use more than 6 textures and i also want specular maps on some of them witch limits me even more.

is there workarounds for this issue or am i gonna have to make more terrains where i want different textures?

Sry for bad English and thanks in advance! :smiley:

Set additional textures’ Sampler Source(select the texture in material editor > Details panel) to Shared: Wrap.

is there any way to set this for texture objects rather than samplers? I’m using triplanar mapping which uses objects, not samplers.

I have exact the Same Problem… Using Texture Objecs for XYZ Mapping, and not texture Samplers…, so Any Ideas?

But im Using 4.15.3.

The keyword is Texture Atlas. Storing several textures in one texture and within your material you pick them out using atlas algorithm.

Here is a nice tutorial: