12,9" iPad Pro Arkit

Hi, we bought a brand new iPad today and i tried to run my ARkit-App (with runs fine on the iPhone7+).
The problem is that the camera is somehow “off to the right side” and the tracking is not working properly.

I heard about the aspect-ratio problem with the iPad, but how and what do i have to change that it works !??

Please help me, i need this to be done over the weekend,

Thanxx, Andy

A lil more info about my problem,

i use metal-desktop on iOS as the renderer instead of the mobile-version.
As soon as i switch to the desktop-version i loose the camera-image (black screen) so i used a cube with the passthrough-shader
as a regular unlit-shader on a cube and NOT as a post process.

If i use the post process shader in my camera instead, i can’t see no 3d Content anymore !

Running the


Did you get anywhere with the Metal Desktop-Forward Render? Whenever I turn it on the camera feed gets lost - just black; but content still going (with desktop-forward working).