1 Question! How to make my game MMO?

Hey i am looking for a tutorial on how to make my game MMORPG almost just like Mortal Online did with the Engine!
Any help would be amazing here !!! Love u all!

Oh god please no

Try this

Look out in some blueprints are checkboxes for replication.
Check them all and you are done.

Not very constructive!
When you do not like his nice unique gameconcept, then give him please a helping hand and not a neckbreaking slap.

Must be quite the MMO you are building if you have to do that :o

The problem is that his question is too broad and open-ended. It’s like if I went on an engineering forum and asked “how do I build a space rocket?”. There are so many ways it can be built and designed, depending on what you want to do, this thread could spawn 1000 answers debating design approaches.

Also, if the OP is asking a question like that, it shows they have no knowledge of UE4 or game design, otherwise they would be asking more specific questions.

To the OP: the most constructive answer I can give you is to put the MMO idea on hold and first learn how UE4 works. Try making some smaller, simpler games to learn how to use UE4 first and then tackle the MMO when you’re experienced enough to design it yourself.

There’s no point in trying

When UE4 went free, many predicted the forums would get flooded with samey questions.

Epic could add a mandatory FAQ before first time posters earn the right to post…???

I honestly disagree - If we want people to learn then we got to teach them by pointing them at Resources like the Wiki and the Youtube videos by Epic.

Got to agree with @Luftbauch on this though giving someone a nudge in the right direction is probably the best idea.

That said there are not allot or resources on how MMOs are made. Would anyone be interested in a document for resources for making MMOs or the like?

Because as it stands - There are not a whole lot of resources out there for such games in one collected place. I think this could be a major boon for our community :slight_smile:

I have to agree with the overall consensus here. While repeat threads similar to this one may crop up all the time, we should be helping newcomers rather than giving them an unwelcoming first impression. Lets be honest, many of us were at this stage at some point in our endeavor to create games. It costs nothing to be helpful, and it only leads to our community growing stronger. =)

For what they want to do, there’s too much information to try and give them anything useful, and considering they are a beginner they won’t understand it anyways. Giving small pieces of advice like pointing them to where general tutorials are will do nothing for them.

An MMO is possible of course but you don’t start making an MMO. If you want to make an MMO you will want to start making simpler games, you will know how to make an MMO when you feel ready and got the right people.

Why not starting with an easy MMO first?

That depends a lot on his skill level, if you don’t know the basics then start with the basics, then eventually you can make your own experiments there is a lot of info on Unreal Engine youtube channel. Baby steps, you can do it but for sure is going to take a while.

Pretty sure this is satire

This must be trollbait. Making MMO is so easy that i wonder why anybody would need tutorial for this.

:I nobody wanna help me uuh :frowning: sad day indeed…

not so much that people don’t wanna help, its more that we can’t help. an mmo is a massive undertaking that goes beyond just getting hundreds of players in the same map at the same time and requires a massive amount of resources usually. don’t get me wrong you can still make an mmo anything is possible in the engine but its just not a good idea unless you have either the knowledge to do it yourself which comes from working on projects that build up to an mmo (if you cant make a basic multiplayer shooter then an mmo is out of the question), or a ton of money to throw at it to get the people who have the knowledge needed.

BUT if you really wanna go that route, break your idea into chunks and do it one piece at a time, there might be some books on amazon to help and be prepared for a massive undertaking (once again depending on project size)

@Leokan011If you ask me, your Concept is nice!
Here is a tutorial about a MMO from start, to final
With the power of UE4 you could easy make an eyecandy MMO out of it.

Please do not be so negative.

im not trying to but i don’t wanna give the impression that its gonna be easy then a few months down the line they suffer burnout from going head first into an mmo without hearing whats usually associated with them(hence why i also said its best to break the idea into chunks as it is better to tackle it in stages then in one big hurdle).