1 particle emitter is delayed

Hi. I am a student and working on an assignment using a particle system. I have seen many other posts about this issue but I have still not been able to find a fix. I am using a particle system for a muzzle flash of a laser pistol. I have 3 emitters that would do the sparks and flame like stuff that comes out of the muzzle. Then I wanted to cheat on the bullet and just use a single particle straight out of the muzzle at high velocity. My project is due this weekend and I don’t think I will have time to figure out a projectile with nothing to go on. But my little bullet is for some reason delayed behind the muzzle flash. If I have the emitter loops set to 1, I will not get the bullet at all. If I set it to 2 I will get the bullet delayed by about a second. So it doesn’t look right.

Other posts said to check the particle warmup time. It is 0. The emitter duration is 1.0. The emitter loops is at 2. The emitter delay is 0. The spawn distribution is 1.0.

Other posts said to fix the burst in the spawn details. But they did not say what to set it to. I have dug around and I am not seeing how to fix it with burst.

Does anyone know how to correct the delay on that 1 particle? Or how to do it with bursts?