0% performance increase with forward rendering switched on

I must be missing something here because so many others are saying they are getting 25% + better performance with forward rendering turned on but I am getting none. Are there any other settings that need to be changed or are you meant to automatically get a performance increase as soon as you turn on forward rendering, restart your project, and then wait for the textures to load without doing anything else?

Try instanced stereo and MSAA?

Its not a magic bullet, it depends on where you are hitting the MS wall (draw/render/game), also MSAA is more expensive than TAA and with default settings offsets a lot of the gain of the forward renderer (with some good quality increase as well for sharp geometry).

Tried FR out a few times with no real improvement (seemed to inexplicably break certain materials and it darkened the whole scene overall, which wasn’t easy to correct by adjusting the usual lighting actors)… But need to do more experimenting with different AA settings… Is using DX11 vs DX12 a factor here as well?