0.6.0 SDK Integration for 4.8?

Was released and pulled just a short while ago. There is an Oculus branch supporting 0.6.0. Any chance this will make the cut for 4.8? I know 0.5 support was just added in preview 2 but if the 0.6 SDK is released finally later today or tomorrow it would be great for the engine to support the latest SDK.

Ditto :slight_smile: With VR now announced for OR, devs out there would love to know that an update for U4 would be best suited for relevant updates. I am sure you guys must be working together and release your SDKs accordingly but its good for us devs to have some faith in a new build which we may be using for some time :slight_smile:

That was fast!

I really hope this makes it for 4.8 :slight_smile:

Tasty treats are tasty. Make it happen Epic :smiley:

Highly unlikely in my opinion.
UE4’s binary releases have a habit of being 1 step behind OVR’s.

But we can live in hope :smiley:

I think we all hoped enough: Looks like it will be in the next preview! (I hope :))

I just compiled myself. It looks like they got the new API working but with none of the goodies.

Positional Timewarp is yet to be implemented.

bQueueAheadEnabled is currently an unused variable in settings.

And I dont think layering is implemented either.

There’s a fair bit of work there…

Fingers crossed.

Edit* What is quite cool are some of the new console commands check out the mirroring options.
Finally I can check on-screen stats without giving myself a headache!

Hi there,

how to set bQueueAheadEnabled to TRUE? Is late-latching finally implemented in UE4?

BTW: hmddbg showcamera on/off crashes UE4 if exited while active

Now that 4.8 has dropped can someone confirm for me that the 0.6.0 SDK is usable and implemented. I haven’t done VR work in awhile and last I checked the official docs said that 0.4.2 is the officially supported version. Thanks!

Currently I can only warn you. VR is in 4.8 basically broken (4.8.1, too):

OVR SDK 0.6 is implemented, but only the very basics (no late latching, no layer support etc.)


Thanks for the heads up!

Plus this

And this .

Is’nt working with the cutting edge fun :slight_smile:

BTW the console command for queue ahead is ‘HMD QAHEAD’ but as you guessed does nothing ATM.

Thanks. Hmm, this has no measureable effect on UE 4.8 for me (GPU load still maxes out at about 50-70%). Or is this just not supported in the engine?

Edit: Hmm, maybe that wasn’t so correct. I got a remarkable speed boost yesterday.

  • Oculus Runtime
  • Unreal 4.8.1
  • NVidia drivers 350.12

The strange thing: It doesn’t matter if I activate Queue-ahead in UE4 or not, GPU still maxes out at about 65% regardless if the target framerate was met or not (will get better when they implement late-latching).