Download Beta Runtime for Windows

Just curious if anyone has tried this out yet? I’m definitely seeing a framerate boost in my scenes. Also it feels like getting locked at 37fps is happen like it once was. Can anyone else confirm?

You are saying that you are getting better framerates but you are also getting locked at 37 fps?

Doesn’t UE4 need to be updated to support the new dll based SDK to see a benefit from this?

No, that I wasn’t seeing that lock occur in the usual manor that I normally do. But it was way easy to hit a solid 75 tonight on multiple scenes. Just curious if anyone else can try something and see if I’m not alone in this apparent speed increase.

I don’t know… one of my favorite references for UE4 VR perf has always been the Sun Temple demo. With OVR 0.4.2 i was able to run it in Direct Mode at locked 75fps with ScreenPercentage=140 (i have an R9 290 4GB). After 0.4.3 and the low-latency improvements i had to go down to something like SP=110 to keep the 75fps.

In my case i noticed that OVR 0.4.4 + UE4 4.7.3 seemed to have a nice perf boost compared to previous versions (had not tested it for a while) and was able to run it smoothly with SP=130 and ultra low-latency, a good compromise in my opinion.

Unfortunately seems to have made it worse again, and i’m no longer able to run it with SP=130 without getting stuttering.

So pixelv, are you sure that the boost you are seeing is from the new Oculus runtime and not the UE4 integration?

Did you test OVR 0.4.4 with Unreal 4.7.3?

I just did a couple of performancetests with my UE4.7.3 game. First with SDK0.4.4 and then updated to SDK0.5.01 runtime.
Unfortunately, I see no performance gain at all :frowning:

EDIT: Test were done in direct mode. Don’t know if extended mode is different.

Yes, this is why I was so caught off guard. With that combo, the bulk of what I built in 4.6 with 4.2.0 runtime just wouldn’t run on 4.7 and 4.4.0. I was constantly getting stuck at 37fps. It sucked, I thought the except able threshold had just been lowered as a sacrifice for other features.

But like I said that stuff just started working really well last night. Even the wife was impressed at the difference.

Interesting… 3 people have commented so far and 3 different performance results using UE 4.7.3 and comparing to 0.4.4 (much better / slightly worse / same).

Gonna do some more testing when i have some time, would be good to know what other devs find out (if possible please mention things like direct vs extended mode and GPU specs).

I haven’t tried OVR yet, but I can confirm with PatimPatam that OVR 0.4.4 with Unreal 4.7.2 in Direct Mode, indeed performs siginificantly better than 4.6.1 with OVR 0.4.3 - on a 680GTX.

Do you just install the 0.5 runtime, or is there a version of UE4.7 that has to be compiled to build with support for it?