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Thread: Song of Horror - An Old-School Inspired, Third Person Survival Horror

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    Song of Horror - An Old-School Inspired, Third Person Survival Horror

    Big news! We are on Kickstarter again, stronger this time around! Care to check us out?

    Here's our newest trailer! Our public playable demo is about 2 weeks away .

    We reworked our entire animation and inventory systems and have added the first incarnation of the Presence, a dynamic AI that will haunt the player throughout the game and act as the antagonist.

    We were succesfully Greenlit in June, so we'll be on Steam.

    Greetings, fellow developers .

    Back in October 2014, me and a friend of mine set out to fulfill a dream of ours, which is to create a videogame. We had several ideas to go along with, but in the end, we decided to go for a type of game we have always loved: a story-based survival horror.

    The Beginning

    It’s an ordinary Friday in the life of Daniel Noyer, washed-up advertiser and former entrepreneur who has fallen on hard times lately. Currently the lowest of the low at a publishing house, you receive an urgent yet seemingly straightforward assignment: to find the company’s most important client, the renowned writer Sebastian P. Husher, who hasn’t been heard from in weeks.

    Upon your arrival at Husher’s mansion, you realize something’s wrong. The lights, still turned off at the onset of nightfall, reveal that no one is home. The dog, warned about at the entrance, is nowhere to be found. The main door, left ajar, hints at a hallway drowned in shadows.

    And an eerie, haunting melody, pierces a thundering silence.

    How it Works

    Song of Horror will have little to no action in its gameplay: we aim to thrive on defenselessness, character frailty (dying in Song of Horror will be quite easy) and psychological terror in order to generate the game atmosphere. There will be no physical enemies to speak of, but instead, manifestations of an unknown entity can and will haunt the player. We also want to introduce a very subtle roguelike touch (You will have several characters available per chapter, character death is permanent except for the protagonist, and the characters who continue in the game and in the story will be the ones who survive the ordeal).

    The game is still in an extremely early stage of development (we began working on it full-time in October, green-as-summer-grass rookies to boot), but we are learning and improving quickly thanks to UE4's many tools and the community's wonderful tutorials. It is being developed 100% in Blueprints.

    We have decided to go for a cinematic approach and, thus, have chosen the third person perspective. The cameras are already implemented, and are meant to be fully automated. They range from static but rotating "security camera" types to spline-based customizable mobile ones which adjust to the player's position in the way we see fit. I intend to post a little video of them working, although the character will probably still not be animated.

    Here are a couple concept arts...

    Name:  Daniel_Alone.jpg
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    Name:  Bajada.jpg
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    UPDATE: And new screenshots!

    Name:  XwPNRPR.jpg
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    Name:  d9nGJfH.jpg
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    Name:  7x7aAKA.jpg
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    Feel free to ask any questions or express any opinions or share any advice, they are welcome . We have a Song of Horror website, a Facebook page and a Twitter account, if you want to check them out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by IMC.Wander View Post
    little to no action in its gameplay: we aim to thrive on defenselessness, character frailty (dying in Song of Horror will be quite easy) and psychological terror
    Yes, please! I'm intrigued, can't wait to see more... good luck!

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    Recently our composer made a track, which is meant to be used at least on our first trailer. His music talks about this game better than I ever could.

    The link (to Soundcloud) is in the screenshot below.

    Name:  Fondo_CancionPeque.jpg
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    Aaaand... our first (ultra-mega-eary stage) video to show a bit of our cameras and flashlight. Many things need to be tweaked and adjusted of course, but for a general idea, it works. It's low-res though :P.

    Edit: removed to show an updated one .
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    I love the camera style so far, adjustments are still surely to be made being so early in development so I'm really looking forward to it

    Soundtracks nice and I'm digging the art style!

    I'll be watching this thread ^_^

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    Thanks man, appreciated! We expect to be releasing a teaser soon, which I will of course post here .

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    make sure its in 1080p 60fps xD
    Game Artist

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    Quote Originally Posted by IMC.Wander View Post
    Aaaand... our first (ultra-mega-eary stage) video to show a bit of our cameras and flashlight. Many things need to be tweaked and adjusted of course, but for a general idea, it works. It's low-res though :P.

    What's Chance Ivey doing in your horror game?! xD

    Looks really promising though!
    "Information shouldn't be behind a paywall, It should be free for all!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by KitatusStudios View Post
    What's Chance Ivey doing in your horror game?! xD

    Looks really promising though!
    Shhh... keep it a secret between us. He might get puffed up, we wouldn't want that, would we? :P

    Thanks for the kind words.

    @AzamKhan yes, we will make sure it's as beautiful as it can get. This one was a bit rushed, gotta admit.

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    Looks awesome! I love the multiple character choice, the permadeath option reminds me of obscure.

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    Thanks! We thought that permanent death along with autosaving (on a per-chapter basis) would contribute to create tension and an adequate horror atmosphere as your characters are really vulnerable and they don't come back.

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    A first sneak peek at our upcoming teaser trailer here are a couple screenshots. The whole thing has been recorded with Matinee.

    Name:  DaniEscuchando.JPG
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    Name:  Danitop.JPG
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    And here it is, at last, our official teaser trailer . All of it has been recorded via Matinee.

    We had to "fake" the UI because the in-game Matinee recorder does not seem to record UMG widgets (the real ingame UI is very similar though).

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    that's quite cool dude looking forward to seeing more of this.

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    Thanks a lot we put in some serious hours and effort into the game to make recording this video possible. It is appreciated!

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    Looking good, and the varying soundtrack bits fit really well -- IMHO the audio is half the equation in a horror game

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    We absolutely agree there. Half the equation at the very least! The first thing we did was to contact a very talented up-and-coming composer to whom we owe the music and sound (it is not yet ingame unfortunately).

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    Our second playable character is here , and the first of the non-protagonists that you will spend most of the game playing as. She is Sophie van Denend (in-game screenshot), Daniel's long standing friend and ex-wife. A "no bull**** taken" kind of person, not hesitant to act and to persevere until Daniel is safe and sound.

    Name:  SophieCaptura.jpg
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    Hey folks! We have been featured on GigaGeekMagazine's Indie Alerts! Here is the article .

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    Updating the thread with our latest screenshots!

    Name:  Sc2.jpg
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    Name:  sophie_zbrush_conjunto_vista_general.jpg
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    We made another video today, to show some updated animations, navigation, lights and locations .

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    The UI is not yet at 100% for this, but here is a first sneak peek at the main viewport of our character selection screen, showing our second character, Sophie.

    Name:  SophieSentada.jpg
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    This looks amazing.

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    Very cool, I will be keeping my eye on this one!

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    Thank you folks! After a long day's work and getting home at 1 AM, your comments mean the world to me!

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    We finished the modeling process for our third character, Etienne Bertrand. Here is how he looks like in the level for the character selection screen.

    Name:  Etienne.jpg
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    Man, there are some creative people with scary streaks in this community The sound level change was really nicely thought on trailer

    Keep it up mate. Seems to be coming along nicely.
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    Looks great, the atmosphere is awesome.

    Quick question, I've been playing around with a similar camera/controller scheme, how have you been controlling the character in relation to the rotation of the camera?

    Currently I have been controlling the character based on the camera rotation but get strange when the cameras are switched, it looks like you have a control scheme similar to the classic resident evils with the controls being relative to the character?

    Great work, subbed

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    Thanks everyone!

    @Chillybody: our game does not have classical Resident Evil "tank" controls. They do auto adjust in relation to the camera rotation.

    Roughly, what I did was the following. With a keyboard, there are eight possible directions you can move in (from -180º to 180º, in 45º intervals). The first step was dividing these 360º into eight 45º regions, each keyboard direction being the center point of one of them (for example, if "forward" is movement with 0º yaw rotation, then its interval would range from -22.5º to 22.5º).

    At begin play, we store the initial control rotation forward and right vectors in a couple of variables. These variables will act as the character's initial forward movement vector and right movement vector. Now, every frame (every time the input axis functions fire) we check whether the horizontal camera forward vector (the camera forward vector minus the Z coordinate) is in the same interval (the same of my custom eight 45º regions) as the current character forward movement vector (also in horizontal, as our game has no Z movement). If it is not, AND the character's movement is different from that of the last frame (if any of the axis values have changed, we have this check in order to prevent the vector adjustments from messing up the character movement on camera change when the player is moving steadily. The camera only changes when the character moves differently, for example if he stops), then our character forward movement vector becomes the "adjusted" camera forward vector (with "adjusted" I mean that it becomes the center vector of the region its in. For example, if the horizontal camera forward vector rotation is 38º, the adjusted camera forward vector would have a 45º rotation) and the character right vector becomes the adjusted camera right vector.

    For a gamepad it's mostly the same, although with a few variations in the form of tolerance thresholds, to avoid the vectors changing virtually every frame due to the (potentially) infinite directions a joystick can produce.

    I think I explained myself atrociously, but I hope it helps.
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    Well, we made a little homage today, as a concept art in our style, to that mythical game, the first Alone in the Dark .

    Name:  11041940_1463455563944832_8589923207229016162_o.jpg
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    Updating with our latest screenshots! An in-game collectible document, and Sophie having some "issues" .

    Name:  Haiku_1.jpg
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    Name:  Sophie_Probliem.jpg
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    A mini-preview to our upcoming gameplay video, let's see those materials at work!

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    Great news! We have released our first serious gameplay video (still early development of course but getting there! ).

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    Really enjoying the screenshots and mini vids so far, I love the look of this man, keep us updated

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    Loving the atmosphere in the latest video. I anticipate a lot of Let's Players wetting their pants in the near future.
    Still new to this Unreal business, even after two years.

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    Thanks! It's still a long way to an alpha version but we'll get there . More is coming just next week!

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    And as promised, here is our full gameplay video. No more cliffhangers . Updating the first post also!!

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    Working on SpeedTree asset integration plus baked lighting for our upcoming Kickstarter trailer!

    Name:  CasaHusherTarde.jpg
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