Zy Universe is seeking developers/programmers


My name is Chris, and I’m one of the founders of 6Stack Entertainment LLC., an indie development company working on a project called Zy Universe. Zy Universe is our first project, and the team is very excited to get it into the hands of gamers around the world as soon as possible. Let’s get into what Zy Universe is all about…

Zy Universe is an action side-scrolling arena brawler focused on PvP. Right now, the game mode we are working on is our smaller arena brawler (6v6), but we are also looking to have multiple game modes with much diverse player counts (up to ~100 in a match). Zy Universe is also much more than just a standalone PvP game. This is the first of a series of games we are hoping to put out over the next few years all within the Zy Universe, well, universe. We have a very in-depth narrative, and plans to start working on an online RPG to tell this story after the success of our brawler.

As far as development progress goes, we have been working on this project for over 2 years, and we are at the point where we hope to start bringing in external testers within the next few months.

We have a prototype video (and other cool stuff) on our website down in the media section. You can view that here:

What we are looking for in a developer:

Versed in Unreal Engine 4, blueprints and C++. (Also looking for newer junior developers)

Can contribute 5-10 hours per week as part of a rev-share.

Willing to follow direction, is a creative/critical thinker, and is passionate about gaming.

Understanding of net code preferred (not required).

Well versed in Git.

Willing to live on Discord with the rest of us. We use Discord for all meetings and discussions, and we hold a weekly developer meeting every Wednesday at 7:00pm Central Standard Time. They last 20-minutes to an hour.

Familiarity with Trello. We use Trello for all project management and task updates.

About the team:

We have a team of 13 people from all over the world working on Zy Universe. These folks have a wide range of experience and education, from still in school to senior programmer with over 30 years of work under their belt.

Current roster:

1 Lead Developer

1 Junior Developer

1 Art Director and concept artist

3 Modelers

1 Animator

1 Game Designer

1 Web Developer

1 Narrative Director

1 Language Developer (yes, we are creating our own language for the story.)

2 Project Managers/Leads

Business stuff:

I mentioned this is rev-share project, and I know some of you are skeptical of how they operate. Trust me I get it, most of the rev-share projects we’ve seen are pie in the sky dreams, where the project rarely gets past the basic design stage. Let me help ease your mind on this.

My partner (Andy) and I founded 6Stack Entertainment LLC. back in 2016, we are a legal business operated out of Minnesota (USA), we have a EIN (can be provided at request) and we have a trademark applied to Zy Universe. The reason that this is all important, is because we have everyone working on the project sign a contractor agreement that holds us accountable to ensure you are paid for the services you provide when and if/when this project is successful. We believe that developing a game is an art and skill set that you should be paid for, and we want to ensure that once Zy Universe begins to bring in money, you are paid for the work you have done. To the current team, this project is more than just a hobby. The team is putting their time and heart into developing something that we all want to see be successful.

Thanks for making it this far, and we hope to hear from you!

-Chris G., Founder, 6Stack Entertainment, LLC.