[ZSG] A procedural Survival game

I am currently working on a Blueprint based Zombie Survival Game (ZSG). With my year or two of kinda playing around with different thing in UE4 C++ Blueprints first person third person Physics ETC. I found an attraction to making random and procedural items in which I began refining my skills in which are now being put into ZSG. Currently the game generates an apartment complex with 3 Different Pre-Designed apartments. When the game is ran the apartments are generated in an 8x8 grid random of what apartment where different every time. Then after the level has been created it repeats that process for each floor (currently set to 23) 8x8 floors 64 apartments per floor 1472 total apartments. After level generation is created The items for the first mission are placed in random apartments. I am currently working on an AI system that will spawn zombie AI that is attracted by sound and sight. The Zombie stats Health, Speed, Resistance will all be based on a random in range float. I plan to do something the player stats are completely random and varied.

Ill share some video later on in the development.

Get Random Aprtment

Getting and Setting All the Apartment Locations

must’ve been fun connecting all of those…