Zotac gtx 1050 mini

I am using unreal engine without a video card, but it runs at an average of 10fps. Is the zotac gtx 1050 mini a good card to use?

Depends on what you’ll want to with the engine.

I just want to make fairly basic games, nothing super complex.

Where do you get 10fps? if on empty level there something wrong, i got very old GF9600GT and it runs more fps on empty level

Oh… I’m sorry I forgot to specify. I get around 10fps when I’m working in unreal. The game play usually runs at around 30fps.

i have a r9 270, a 1050 should be a little bit better, my project is not very big and i get some fps drops sometimes, if you’re doing a simple game it will work fine, if you’re doing a complex game it won’t be enough, what i suggest is: have slightly better specs in your pc than the spec you expect to be the final requisites of the game, if you’re making a game to run in mobile, a gtx 1050 should be enough, if you’re making a game that should only run in a i5 and RX 470, so the ideal would be having a i7 and a RX 470. remember that the graphic card will help, but you will also need a good CPU and enough RAM, you can also be a hero like , i’ve seen him talking about his low end PC before, but still he is always in the “week’s top karma”

Alright. Thanks for the help. :slight_smile:

UE4 is mostly CPU bottlenecked when developing IMHO. Unless you will want to do archvis with rather “unoptimized” models and possibly VXGI lighting, a 1050 should serve you well.

Thanks a lot!

What do you mean with unoptimze?

What do you mean by ‘unoptimized’ models?

I want to have some arhviz like this City Modelling or ArchViz Apartment

And as I am now considering PC components to buy, is it okay to buy 1050 according to your opinion ?

Thanks for you for sharing your knowledge
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By unoptimized I mean that you are using polygon heavy CAD objects (or like something from the Evermotion’s prop packages). The city modelling scene you’ve linked to is very basic in terms of visuals, 1050 should be plenty for something like that. Archviz apartment uses baked lighting and unless the polygon count drags your framerate down, it should work fine on a 1050. To get lighting like in that scene though you’d need good quality lightmaps and (almost certainly) more than 16GBs of RAM and making those lightmaps can be time consuming and fiddly, ue4’s dynamic lighting wouldn’t yield you the same level of quality. If you choose to go the way of VXGI then a 1050 certainly won’t be enough. Also with a 1050 get the Ti version with 4GB of VRAM, 2GB won’t get you too far when you start spamming 2 and 4k texture maps everywhere.

In fact here’s the dude’s reply from the Archviz apartment youtube comment section:

Hi, Core i7 4790 ram 32 gb, Nvidia gforce gtx 750 2gb

So you don’t need crazy powerful graphics card for a scene like that with baked lighting.