Zoroastra - First Person action-adventure, puzzle-platformer, openworld game


Here is a game that I created over the last 4 years. Hope you enjoy!

Its a first person, action-adventure set in mediterranen antiquity. You explore, fight, build and uncover the secrets of these mysterious lands.
Liberate the remnants of civilization and fight your way through the end.

Moreinfos in the video description on indiegogo!




Tell me what you think

Look really interesting. Was this all done by yourself?

Thanks a lot. Yes It was done by me, didn’t have the chance to collaborate with anyone.

Nice - I really like the setting :slight_smile:

This looks very good =D
I have one critique, and that is that the camera movements of the main character seem a bit “mechanic”. I think this could be improved by softening the start and end of the camera movements, that would probably make it seem more fluid.
Other than that, it looks great, and I’m very impressed =D

This is super awesome, creating this whole bunch of game elements yourself. Hats off. How long did it take for you to accomplish this?

At a glance I thought this was assassin’s creed. Good job! Which aspect of making games do you enjoy the most?

omg wow, looks really fun!!! i love the Mediterranean setting, any tips as to where to watch good tutorials for newbies like me? it seems like you know what your doing so that’s why i ask.

Looks beautiful, I can only imagine the amount of time you’ve put into this. Great work.

It got me in the video where you have to set up weights and then work out :slight_smile: So realistic and really amazing! I hope you’ll make some profit out of this!

Thanks a lot to all of you, there will be a lot more info and gameplay once I’m through with the first test version.