ZOrder doesn´t work


I want to build a Menu where a user can enter a value and this value is send to a BP. I have a “Canvas Panel” as a parent, a “Image” and an “editable text” as it´s parent. The ZOrder of the Image is set to 0 and the ZOrder of the “editable text” to 1. Everything works fine except one thing. Whenever iam in a game and try to enter a value into the “editable text”, i can´t see the entered numbers and characters. It appears that editable text is rendered behind the Image despite i set the proper ZOrders. I´ve already deleted my Image, and then everything works fine and i can see the symbols. What can i do to make it work with a Image as a background?

try again just try with like 4 or 5…make sure your getting everything…also double check materials and opacity…