Zoom Whiteboard-type functionality In Game

Hey team,

As the title says, simple setup to play around implementing video conference whiteboard type features in runtime/gamplay.

Just a newbie here, very thankful for all the great help online here and many youtubers putting knowledge out there, shout out!

Pretty simple flow:

  • Whiteboard BP receives a tick from Level BP when Default Pawn overlaps the Button.

  • Whiteboard BP takes over, spawns a new pawn which deals with the whiteboard input salad, then snaps player to whiteboard pawn and the view to the fixed camera.

  • GetHitResultUnderCursorByChannel function inside the new pawn is called when/as required to detect the background and know where to spawn the typed stuff BP (all typed stuff belong to the whiteboard pawn and is from the “whiteboard stuff” class).

For the line mode I draw a debug line, so far havent been able to implement anything solid my goal is to have a thin pipe mesh, I get the start and end points with a Flip Flop, spawing the line on the Flop.

Any ideas/suggestions on how to implement such thing? I havent been able to get it done with splines, I am just not there yet on the Engine.