Zoom out further than -12 in blueprint editor

I know I can zoom in beyond 1:1 by holding ctrl while scrolling. I think it would make sense to do the same thing while zooming out to see more of the Blueprint. Sometimes when I take time to organize my blueprints it can be a hassle to drag around the viewport in zoom stage -12.
Not a high priority for me but something that would be nice to have.

I second this. Zoom stage-12 can be limiting for large blueprints. Even materials actually.

I’d say it doesn’t need to be implemented because you probably don’t use macrow , functions or good programming practises good enough. Also, there is a search feature.

@Zarkopafilis Very contructive feedback. Why can’t people just answer the question or butt out?

You can customise the engine to add additional Zoom levels by editing SNodePanel.cpp, and modifying the FFixedZoomLevelsContainer.

That being said, a blueprint or material that gets that large is probably overdue some cleanup, or better use of functions and subgraphs.

Good to know. However, having to go into source and build a custom engine for this, what % of devs are really up for that? :stuck_out_tongue: Arguably this is something that should really be built-in already. :wink:

There’s a low tech workaround if you have a multi-monitor rig / setup (or a spare Monitor or TV around). If so, just drag the editor window across multiple monitor desktops, as the Editor window isn’t fixed. But if you’re doing this just to get a BP screenshot, then there are other tools around that may help.As was said though, large sprawling BP’s are going to do you in eventually. But there are practical use cases where its more productive to work in a single wide-open graph (especially during prototyping). Or if you need to screenshot a large section of BP to get an idea across. If so, obscuring the graph in sub-graphs / macros / functions / collapsed nodes isn’t really the answer. :wink: