Zones and Location ID Tags -- Is it in UE4?

In the original Unreal Engine, at least for UT99, the map editor had a “Zones” feature and properties could be assigned to the zone and zones could be named. Is something like this present in UE4? In UT99 for example, it was possible to name a zone, for example, “Ammunition Room” and player could bind a chat command that would say, “Enemy Flag Carrier is here (Ammunition Room)”. Is that feature present in UE4?

The zones were used for occlusion, the fact they had a location tag as just n added feature. As of such zones do not exist at all in ue4 (occlusion is handled entirely different), and location volumes don’t either. I believe UE2 or UE3 this got replaced with location volumes, and it is this kind of feature you want to be implementing, not the zones.

You may be able to make a blueprint with a box component, and then detect what box the player is in -> take over the string/text assigned to that box -> you now know where the player is. I never tried that though, but something along those lines likely works.

It also would take just minutes for a programmer to add it to c++.