Zombiebear's Platforming Blueprints Kit

​Zombiebear’s Platforming Blueprints Kit

Hello everyone!

If you are building a platforming game, you know there are some common features among many titles - coins, lives or health, jump pads, moving platforms, the list goes on. This kit has been designed to help with the iterative process by providing some of these common features for you, allowing you to spend more time developing the features that make your game unique.

Many of the Blueprints contain display assets to be used as placeholders, for whiteboxing, or as final products if they fit your game’s aesthetic. They have been developed to be used or replaced as needed.

Take this project and build off of it, rip out the content you need, or use it all as placeholder. The Platforming Blueprints kit has been designed with one goal in mind - make platforming development easier for you. Just click here.

**Features: ** Coin Pickup
Coin Spawn Spline
Life Pickup
Lose Life/Gain Life (Player Controller)
Door interact with regular key
Door interact with tagged key
Damage Zones
Lose Health/Gain Health (Player Controller)
Teleporter (one way and two way teleporters)
Movable Platforms (on overlap and on timer)
Interactable Chests

Jump Pad
Level Switch
Ceiling Trap
Breakable Box/Item Container
Pass-Through Platforms
13 display meshes for various blueprints
2 simple to use master materials that can be applied to a number of assets

Please let me know if you have any questions or feedback, I’d certainly like to hear from you! I’ll be checking here regularly, or you can reach me via email (located on my storefront page).