Zombie Survival Game Take A Look

Hey there you i know your ready this wondering why because i got a very interesting propistion for you want to know what it is ok well currrently about to start development on a Zombie survival game wondering what diffrent about this one WELL FIRST OF ALL ITS GOING TO BE AMAZING… hahaha we are fans of zombie survival game and are wanting to make a game that no one will get bored of right off the bat so far are team consist of 2 Modelers 1 Artist and a Coder wondering why im here well im here to recruit the best of the best zombie survivors will you join us, We are currently looking for Modelers, Animators, Coders, and Artist, You think you can bring something to the team feel free to DM me. There is a small catch payment will not happen until game release or we start getting patrons hope to see you there survivors.

Discord - Discord