Zombie Starter - MoCap Pack - Project File MISSING!

Zombie Starter - MoCap Pack

A problem has been reported to us, and I have a workaround - It doesn’t appear in the Library and other stuff.

Epic has it set to “Create”, it should be “Add”, I have reported it today. For now the " - " etc. characters it’s complaining about for the New Project name is not and never a problem, rename the new Project anything you want, doesn’t matter. The PROBLEM is the .uproject file is missing, another Epic issue I reported. Download this file:


Go to the HDD folder you created for the new Project. Put this .uproject file there, and it will now appear in the Library. The name in the Library is the name of the .uproject file it sees, so you can rename the file/folder/PNG all the same to be neat and tidy and use the PNG as the default thumbnail. You can Migrate etc. the files from that project. You can Create a 4.17 and Migrate to 4.18 for now as well, or just import the included FBX into 4.18 or any rev.

Cheers, Happy Holidays, safe New Year!


FYI the Zombie Starter pack is fixed now, Epic set it back to “Add To Project” and the .uproject file is created correctly. Thanks Epic. :wink:

And all MocapOnline animation packs and Blueprints are 4.18 compatible.