Zombie Game

I Need with a zombie game but I’m constantly getting a black age because I cant get my head around how to me waves of zombie I can do one wave then it will spawn more but after that nothing will happen any one got any other ways to make waves but soon as you kill all the ai start the next wave thanks for any help in advaced

it’s a bit hard with the grammer…
but anyways, Just make var rounds that changes everytime everyone is dead and after each round X zombies are respawned.

Pretty sure this blueprint has been done 100% for you in 1 of your 30 other posts already, just actually read through the responses a bit better instead of starting a new post every time and you will probably find the answer is there.

I agree with ZoltanJr, we have answered your posts countless times. I myself have given very detailed answers that explain exactly what you need to do, you should have another look at our responses.

I agree, ive been watching his threads and your responses and it seems that he has a major gap in basic programming techniques that could greatly benefit his understanding if he read some tutorials.