Zombie Apocalypse Simulator

This is our game Zombie Apocalypse Simulator
Zombie Apocalypse Simulator is a VR game we’re trying to create that has all the tropes of a zombie survival game, but in VR. So this means crafting, inventory and weapons consist of actually performing actions instead of just pushing buttons. Anyways we hope you like it. Please visit our website at for more details! Thanks!

This is a short demo of the locomotion system I started working on for Zombie Apocalypse Simulator
The new locomotion system will be based off the “arm swinger” system’ which basically involves swinging your arms back and forth to move through the world (although you probably knew that). Collision detection was added preventing the player from moving through things but it adjusts to the height of the player’s headset allowing them to crawl under things. Adding to the locomotion system in the future will be the ability to walk up and down ramps and stairs as well as fall off of things. Planned features after that will also allow the player to climb on top of things as well as climb ladders and use monkey bars, hand over hand on ropes, etc.

I created another video showcasing some updates to the locomotion system. Now besides basic collision detection in the world ramps and stairs work as does gravity (i.e. you can jump and fall off of things). There’s some limited jumping ability in that the player’s velocity is taken into account when leaving solid ground behind. Just move faster to get a little distance. I would like to figure out a way to actually jump with trajectory but it would have to make sense and be intuitive.

I know I mentioned in the last post in theory jumping should work but I totally didn’t expect it to work as well as it does! I don’t think I really need to do anything to improve this at all (except fix bugs… like getting launched through the world if I hit the wall…).