Zipline - Teleporter - Jump Pad

UPDATE: This asset is now on the Marketplace

This asset contains the following

  • 3 Transportation Types (Zipline, Teleport, Jump Pad)
  • Network/Multiplayer Ready
  • Fully PBR Materials & Textures
  • 2048 x 2048 Textures
  • Fully Documented Blueprints
  • 352-3110 Triangles per Mesh
  • $19.99

This is very cool Osok, and useful. Whenever I am able to begin production on my personal project this will definitely be a must have. I’ll probably even get it earlier just to zip around in some environments, looks like fun. =)

Thank you! Yes, I lost a lot of development time to zipping around the showcase map. Lets just call it ‘quality assurance.’ :smiley:

Jump pad same as udk with splines to indicate the target!
This is very cool:D

Teleport able to display one distorted image from the place to be teleported could be nice also.

I want this!:wink:


Haha, I bet! =P

That is a very interesting idea! The trello process takes about a month so that should give me some time to look into that. Thanks for the interest Luny!

very nice will definitely buy this

Awesome! Great to hear you like it.

This is finally up on the marketplace. I have updated the original post.


I Want This!
I’ll buy it


Nice, I’ll check it out when I get a chance. =)

Awesome, thanks for the support!

Help-me Pleeeeasse Osok!!!

Thanks Osok for another excellent asset.

I need something, please.

When I was trying to change the static mesh in details panel, on this occasion I came across a little problem “inherited”.

I could not change the static mesh in “StartBase” and “EndBase” components in details panel.

My idea is, I need:

When I set to “OneWay” the static mesh in destination have to disappears when I set it to ***none ***so I can to place in this same place another jump pad pointed in another direction!

I opened “ZipTeleJump” blueprint in “AssignJumpPad” function, but I need your help to be able to change the static mesh to the “StartBase” and “EndBase” independently in details panel. Please, Your assistance will be very much appreciated!