Zipline (Spline) between 2 Actors spawned by one Blueprint?

Hello there, atm i´m working on a Zipline! I created a Spline Blueprint (it contains only a Spline), and a function in the First Person Character Blueprint, which moves the Player along the Spline. Works fine. Now i want to have a starting point and the end. Of course i could add Actors/Meshes to the World and then place the Spline manually. But in larger worlds, that´s to much effort.

How can i spawn 2 Actors with 1 Blueprint, where each Actor can be moved (in the Editor, not ingame) and create a Spline between them? I think that this is made with the Construction Script, but my experience with this part of the Blueprints is equal to 0.

If you have a blueprint with a spline in it, you can simply drag the blueprint into the world and then position the spline points (the start/end points) anywhere in the world.