Zip line mechanics

i try to make zipline mechanics like this UE4:Zipline Test - YouTube , but I do not understand how it works. i try to do it with triggerbox, when my charater stay near spline, i press use button, it disable player control and transfer my character to the end of spline. but i cant realize transfer of my character. does exist some node, who can make tmoveing character beside spline? or something whong with my logic?
thanks for help

if you get the distance along spline of the end spline point, you can use a timeline to lerp between 0 and that distance, and plug the result into a GetLocationAtDistanceAlongSpline node, to find out where you should SetLocation of your character.

ok, i will try, thx!
Spline - this is a special structure or something special object? i thought spline is just a static mesh, witch looks like a pipe
p.s. whot does mean “lerp” ?))

a spline is a type of component. just like static mesh components, or light components, you also have spline components, which you can add to actors.

lerp is a common programmer abbreviation for linear interpolation, which means blending from one number to another. Vlerp would be blending from one vector to another, Tlerp would be blending from one transform to another, Rlerp would be for blending between rotations, etc…

this might help:

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Thank you very much!! i will learn it and try to make zipline )) this is very useful information

hello again!
i realize it with “move component to” but character move to end point of spline. how i can realize that character move point-to-point 0-1-2-3-etc ?