Zip command failing while executing remote build because dSYM doesn’t exist

I just installed 4.20 from source and I’m trying to get remote build working but I can’t seem to get it to work. The error I am getting is exactly the error listed in the answers hub:…mmand-zip.html

this is the command that when executed on the remote Mac fails:

zip -q -r -y -0 -T AR_Test_19.ipa Payload iTunesArtwork -x Payload/ -x Payload/* -x Payload/ -x Payload/* -x Payload/ -x Payload/*

It is failing because doesn’t exist.

does anybody have any ideas? I have checked the options to generate the dSYM in the project settings and that doesn’t help.

I figured it out! I was using zsh as my default shell on my mac and the iPhonePackager does not work with zsh - it needs to be bash. After I switched the default terminal for ssh to bash it worked fine.