ZEscape - Closed alpha signups are online! [Steam]

Signups for the ZEscape closed alpha are online!

ZEscape is a fast paced asymmetric multiplayer team based first person shooter which pits zombies against humans across multiple game modes,
with challenges, upgrades, unique character classes, and huge boss fights.


ZEscape has been a solo project I’ve been working on for about 2 years now and was greenlit on steam last year!
A lot of work and effort has been put into the gameplay and multiplayer stability, still leaving a lot of work on visuals and animations to be done.
Feel free to comment any feedback, I appreciate all input!

I’m finally able to announce the date for the closed alpha of ZEscape.
The alpha goes live 13.10.2017 and ends 16.10.2017

Steam keys will start being sent out on Monday, check your emailz and get your escape on!

Stay up to date with any last minute changes or announcements on Twitter or Facebook!
Or even better, join the official ZEscape Discord server: ZEscape


I was happy ZEscape was included in IndieDB’s latest “This Week In Indie Games” :o