ZeroOne - Multiplayer RTS Simulation

Hi everyone,
I was getting bored and got suddenly jumped by the black friday sale, and bought some cool looking assets :slight_smile:
I started working on a concept of a game…

The story is - you’re an AI designed by even more omniscient AI, and setup to compete with other players to prove you’re the best out of selected group in an experiment.
The core concept is that you do not control your units in this game. You make macro strategical decisions and constantly adjust your production line and upgrades to achieve one of 3 goals as win conditions.
You can win by military overpower of other players.
You can complete entire upgrade tree and invest heavy into ascending your AI character and leaving the simulation first - thus proving you’re the best.
Or you can win by map control of alien relics.
So 3 styles of winning condition - military, economic, tactical.
By working on your win goal you must keep an eye out for your enemies attempts to be faster than you.

Your units not only gain upgrades but are build from components giving aprox. 1080 Vehicle combinations, and 4608 infantry combination. Each unit can have up to 4 abilities (passive and active). Each have one of 3 decision trees - Aggressive, Defensive, Exploring. Upgrades also unlocks new decision ai make (like outflanking, sneaking, grouping into squads), as well as improve on their sight, range, accuracy, hearing.
Units have limited senses and wont have your knowledge of the battlefield condition. However they will communicate with each other and exchange information gathered. So a scout can give valuable information to a commander droid, whom will band 4 more droids and a tank and go to designated location, to find a dead alien creature there and some scrap. then this combat unit if comes across a harvester could inform him about the location and escort him there and back to base.

I will add those features slowly and see what works and what doesn’t. Such concept could make balance quite hard - so I might drop few features.

First day behind me. Added camera control, and building features. I’m pretty happy with the controls so far. I will add Units over the weekend :slight_smile:

I’m using so far:
Vladimir Tim assets for units and buildings
Dungeon Architect for random map generation
Easy Ballistics for multiplayer projectiles
ABLE ability system
Materialize Effects from marketplace

Small update. Had only 3 hours today :frowning: And none yesterday.
Added units that can move and actual BT+Blackboard behavior with some basic tasks to read values for the future.
Next i will add units production, and actual resource functionality.
Oh the buildings obviously does block everything accurately and update nav mesh.

Only 2 hours today.
Added UI.
Added limits on only 1 command center, and added possibility to give buildings requirements.
multiplayer resource management nad building costs.
Barracks spawns 1 scout every 5 seconds after places up to total 5 scouts.

Next: Factory will spawn a harvester and command center a service droid on build. Resource gathering. Power managment. Units and buildings click events.
Quick update. Some added features and multiplayer testing for relevance, ownership and proper instigator.

Added some functions that are more visual appealing.
That’s another 4 hours today. had to clean up a lot of dirty code previously done per building or per unit. changed the anim-graph and movement component features. i need to keep track of how much work it costed me overall :slight_smile:

ok. I will do power managment next and unit production. After that it’s time for dealing damage and harvesting. And after: winning conditions and actual gamemode to host and join games.