ZERO encryption with unreal


just cooked my first project, enabling the encryption

I enabled the encryption and when I tried to decrypt my PAK file, I received an error…so it appears to work…at first

I went to google with the error message, just to check if people were able to go over the encryption

1st link in google (2021) : How I Extracted an Unreal Engine Game’s WWise Audio - Just Still

that guy seams to go through unreal encryption like hot iron through butter

so is there a way to have better encryption ? a plugin or something ?

I just want to protect my assets


From my experience, and a lot of others, you can do absolutely nothing about it.

If you release it on day 1, day 2 there will be cracked versions ready for download.

One way around this is to give people the game and charge for in game data, which is what Epic did.

In fact, strangely enough, people pirating your game, can be good publicity. There’s a pretty well known article ( which I naturally can’t find now ) about this.


Something I was going to say: Whether you have the PAK encrypted or not doesn’t really matter, it only stops people using your assets, it’s stopping unauthorized people running the code that’s the problem.

That’s basically impossible to solve, and we’ve seen from many many attempts.